Dreaming of WDW?

By way of introduction, my family and I live in Cleveland, Ohio. We’re not known for tropical breezes between October and April, so much of our winters are spent trying to remember what sunny Florida looks like. Or what sun, in general, feels like!

If we’re lucky, we get down to the World while the snow is coating the ground. If we’re less lucky, we start planning our next trip.

I recently contributed a blog article to ResortLoop.com on some do it yourself Walt Disney World style snacks, including what my kids call the “Mickey Treat” (Marshmallow Crispy Mickey heads) and easy ice cream sandwiches that can also be Mickey-fied. The tool you need is available on Main Street at the Emporium, or on Amazon: a mickey-shaped high-walled cookie cutter! This can be used for cookies, crispy treats, and even toast. I have two–and bought one from each place. You can view the whole article at http://resortloop.com/diy-snacks/ if you are interested.

Little elements like these remind us of the fun we’ve had and will have again at our home away from home.


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