A few of my favorite things…

It’s been a while, but I want to talk about PODCASTS. You know, radio for the control freak. For those who are unfamiliar, these handy, downloadable audio files are like magazines for your ear.

(Image by Colleen AF Venable)

WDW fans have a billion ways to connect and to share their affection for the resort because of the internet. And for a mom just trying to earn a few more DVC points, a daily commute is part of the package. On my way into work, I listen to podcasts full of people just as WDW-crazed as myself. They make me feel normal! So for anyone who has stuck by this blog for my little blip in production, here is a guide to some of the best on the web.

1. Resortloop.com

This podcast is hosted by two Ohio fellows that live just a bit south of me. Perhaps it’s that Midwestern vibe, or perhaps it is the genuinely good-natured banter between Tim and Bob, but I’m hooked. They tend to pick fun subjects that are a bit off the beaten path and although they don’t avoid mentioning current events, they are NOT a news show (except on April 1st of each year). They have fascinating guests that include Pixar Theme Park Group geniuses, the Joffrey’s Coffee geniuses, Disney sound engineers–but these are all interspersed with plain old fun–speculation with listeners and a fun game called Remove, Rewind and Refurb. Listeners get the chance to contribute via social media and even more–I was featured on two episodes (153 and 173)and I contribute to the new blog! They are sponsored by Joffrey’s Coffee but are not affiliated with a travel professional. Pay attention as they frequently have access to Joffrey’s discounts!

2. Enchanted Tiki Talk Podcast

I think at least one of these guys is also from Ohio–are you noticing a theme? This trio is fun to listen to as well. They’ve got a larger focus on interviews and do a lot of what I’ll call ‘budget games’ — given $40 a day, what would you eat? They have done interviews of Disney Imagineers, Musicians, and even the Curator of the Disney Archives. They also do some practical segments that are very informative, such as looking into Tables in Wonderland, a dining program open to some WDW guests. Several of the hosts are DVC members, and as a DVC member I enjoy that perspective. I also like getting into the nitty-gritty of history, and they’ve had Disney Historian Jim Korkis on recently as well. This one is also safe to listen to with your family. At least one of the contributors is a travel professional.

3. DISUnplugged

This one is the juggernaut of WDW podcasts, and is professionally produced by/affiliated with Dreams Unlimited Travel and the DISboards. While this podcast is not always safe for kids and sugarcoats nothing, it’s an edgy, fun, roundtable-style podcast available in audio and video, live and recorded. It is definitely the way to stay abreast of changes in WDW and news stories related to WDW and the Orlando parks. Discussion sometimes involves raw opinions on controversial subjects like guest assistance/ disability polies. I’d rate language and occasional content upwards of PG-13 but it’s great for an adult listener. Their construction updates are helpful if you are thinking of visiting a resort like the Polynesian or a park under renovation–which is a significant amount these days. They regularly fundraise for Give Kids the World and feature their travel agents regularly. They do a lot more professional reviews than any of the ‘amateur’ podcasters including their Seven In Seven resort review segments, and have feature themed segments each week as well.

I have a few more of these, but I think I’ll save them for a future post–all this linking is a workout! In the meantime, happy listening.