The Animator’s Desk

Tons of us try to recreate Disney magic at home, with artwork, cooking, photos… you name it. I have a stash of Disney history books and bios, and a few Mickey-shaped cookie cutters and pancake molds. But that is not what I’m here to talk about today.

I have a secret wish that was inspired by the visit to the Walt Disney Family Museum my husband surprised me with this May. It’s lunacy, but I WANT it.

It’s a Disney Studios Animation Desk.

Apparently they also had one at the Archives last year, and they’ve recreated a scene from when the animation was in its heyday.

A Google search revealed that a few years ago, one of these masterpieces surfaced on eBay. But it sold for $8000, and I don’t have a time machine. Some online hunting reveals the Allenwood company makes something similar: but I am not sure they are still in production..

And to be honest, I don’t need the light desk part. I’m not an animator, but I adore the various slots. Next time I have a windfall, I am considering finding a local carpenter and asking for a similar desk to be custom made, or waiting till I have my own woodshop and doing it myself. (See a cool sketch and article here)

And yet I know it won’t be quite so magical as having one of the very desks the animators used. Unfortunately, my darling husband could fly me out to see the real deal a few more times–and throw in tickets to Disneyland–for the same amount.

Actually, making my own MIGHT be that magical. After all, Walt himself was quite the imagineer and he wouldn’t let practicality stand in the way from creating a vision, right? SOMEONE HAND ME A SAW!!!

Do you have any similar non-vacation Disney Dreams?


  1. An animation scene stacker. The multiple levels of shelves are the best way to organize your animation drawings. One or two of these placed to the side of your portable animation table or drafting table will greatly increase your workspace organization and is almost as good as the bulkier studio desks like the Disney desks ,the CartoonCarpentry , or Allenwood desks.

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