The WDW Hangover

Magical Express


When you board the Tragical Express at your resort and slowly wind your way back to the Orlando airport, you can practically feel the pixie dust sloughing off and the magic melting away. I think most people will agree that after each trip there is a kind of mourning, even if you’ve got another trip on the horizon.

Some people find solace in recounting their adventures to friends or coworkers. Some cling to souvenirs, some write trip reports on WDW fan boards or Facebook,  some compose scrapbooks or photo albums, and some start planning their bounceback trip. Some even blog about it!

If you’re lucky enough to have a friend or coworker who is as WDW-driven as you, you may be able to find relief in recounting your trip to them. I am fortunate to have one such coworker who will not only listen to me wax poetic about the resorts and worry about our restaurant variety but also will bring detailed reports back from the World.

For example, I could NOT determine where my husband and I had enjoyed a delicious meal back in February of 2012 — was it Boma, Jiko or Sanaa? Scrolling through images online was just not solving the mystery. However, after about five minutes talking to my coworker, we’d definitively determined that amazing bread service was at Sanaa in Kidani Village. Now I just have to book another trip there!

Since he just returned, it’s as though there is still a little magic clinging to him!

I’ve talked about planning Disney treats at home, but you can only eat so many marshmallow crispy Mickeys (I can eat A LOT, but even I max out).

We are Disney Vacation Club members, meaning that we bought into Disney’s point-based timeshare program. We try to get down to WDW about twice a year. It’d be four times a year–or more–if I had unlimited vacation time and a more cooperative husband. So a big way I manage the post-vacation letdown is by starting to plan the next one. I’ve found that immediately working on the photos isn’t always practical to me, as settling back in at home takes energy.

I sometimes even need to take a hiatus from podcasts and blogs–there is nothing worse that hearing on a WDW news podcast that the soft open of the restaurant you are dying to experience occurred two days after you returned to your everyday life.