Run, Disney… RUN!

This post hardly counts, but I wanted to make sure any runDisney fans got the chance to read my take on the registration process. I contributed a post to’s blog about my experiences this and last year. Let me know what you think!

Five things to avoid at WDW

Yep, it’s one of those list posts. But recently I’ve been thinking about what makes a fun trip and what does not, and a lot seems to revolve around physiological and psychological stress. Many people have advised about not trying to do it all, so I thought I’d add my take on what I think … [Read more…]

Disney Vermin

I’m not talking about tourists from a particular state or Animal Kingdom. It’s time to be honest. You may encounter uncurated wildlife at WDW, whether it be an American Alligator sunning himself, a snowy egret fishing, or any number of other creatures. There have been tons of funny books like Team Rodent (one of my favorites) … [Read more…]

The WDW Hangover

  When you board the Tragical Express at your resort and slowly wind your way back to the Orlando airport, you can practically feel the pixie dust sloughing off and the magic melting away. I think most people will agree that after each trip there is a kind of mourning, even if you’ve got another trip … [Read more…]

A WDW-loving Easter

I am going to keep this short buy I want to wish all my new readers a Happy Easter. The Bunny must know my kids fairly well–there were multicolored Mickey marshmallow crispy treats in their easter baskets! And believe it or not, Belle from Beauty and the Beast visited. My husband’s cousin plays the classic … [Read more…]

A Great, Big Beautiful Tomorrow

One of the most fascinating things about WDW in Orlando is the foresight Walt and his team had in selecting the site for the parks. The selection and deliberate piecemeal purchase of the land was brilliant, spurred by an overhead flight. The team was originally checking out Ocala, but when they saw the intersection of I4 and … [Read more…]

WDW Service for the Dogs

A growing area for concern amongst WDW regulars is the perception of abuse of disability assistance programs. Disney has recently revamped their assistance programs, ostensibly in part to deter abuse like that reported by mainstream news outlets. See this article in the Atlantic for more about the original reports. Now, service dogs are at issue. Regulars … [Read more…]